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How To Be Revolutionary: Support Sustainable Fashion

- BE REVOLUTIONARY -  A Fashion Revolution Week Mission Message
Don't get me wrong. We love fashion. We love the way it can make a statement about you, create lovely looks for you  for all occasions and how very wonderful it can make you feel. But the thought of some things don't feel quite so wonderful.

4 Reasons To Use Meditation For Your Well-Being | Beautiful Living Tip

Blog Beau Monde has another
'Beautiful Living Tip for you:
MEDITATE. You probably hear plenty of things about meditation.
And no doubt, plenty of people telling you you should do it.

But why is it a good idea for you to meditate?

Celebrating Earth Day - 5 Quotes Honoring the Wisdom and Beauty Of Our Planet

 "The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth."
~Chief Seattle (Duwamish tribe)

Earth Day is April 22. 
I hope it will inspire you to think and act with awareness. 
All our actions have consequence.It is our responsibility
to make them good and helpful ones.
Please enjoy the words of wisdom from 5 those who honor the Earth.

Thoughts To Nurture A Radiant Heart Within Yourself To Share With The World

When you create within you a heart that shines
with goodness, happiness and love,
the whole world brightens.

Enjoy quotes with the wisdom of ancient philosophers
on that thought and more.

3 Basic Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Clothing, Food and Home

Everything, from your morning coffee, to the
bed sheets you slip into at the end of the night,
is an opportunity.

Every day we have hundreds of choices to make;
on what we buy, eat, wear and what we use
to cleanse our clothes and our bodies.