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4 Reasons To Use Meditation For Your Well-Being | Beautiful Living Tip

Blog Beau Monde has another
'Beautiful Living Tip for you:
MEDITATE. You probably hear plenty of things about meditation.
And no doubt, plenty of people telling you you should do it.

But why is it a good idea for you to meditate?

Thoughts To Nurture A Radiant Heart Within Yourself To Share With The World

When you create within you a heart that shines
with goodness, happiness and love,
the whole world brightens.

Enjoy quotes with the wisdom of ancient philosophers
on that thought and more.

3 Basic Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Clothing, Food and Home

Everything, from your morning coffee, to the
bed sheets you slip into at the end of the night,
is an opportunity.

Every day we have hundreds of choices to make;
on what we buy, eat, wear and what we use
to cleanse our clothes and our bodies.

Spring Travels: The Glorious Getty Gardens

 Blooming Sweet Pea Flowers In The Central Garden
Fragrant Sweet Pea flowers, one of the many at The Getty Museums' Central Garden
                 A part of the J. Paul Getty Museum, which sits high on a hill that overlooks
most of Los Angeles, the Central Garden is a delight for any art lover.
I find a trip to the Central Garden, from the wisteria-covered pergola at the
top plaza, through the curved-steel-bordered winding garden pathway down
the hill, to the concentric circular walkways around the center pool,
to be one of my favorite places to spend time in Los Angeles.

How To Tie + Wear 3 Scarves in 6 Elegant or Casual Romantic Looks For Valentine's Day (2017 Edit)

  How To Tie + Wear 3 Scarves in 6 Elegant or Casual Romantic Looks For Valentine's Day (2017 Edit)
I've created 3 scarf stylings using my beautiful art-printed
Beau Monde Organics soft art-print scarves as examples.
Each has accessory ideas and coordinating tips, along 
with suggestions for both an elegant and a casual look.
So take a look and get ideas for whatever
kind of date or outing you're getting ready for.