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Our Love Affair With Coffee Culture (Why It Needs Organic FairTrade Sustainability)

 Groundwork's all natural Grande Pumpkin Latte's with individual pumpkin pies!

Recently we celebrated International Coffee Day, and the fact that one of my
favorite things, besides a good chunk of organic chocolate, is a
great cup of organic, fair-trade coffee, I had to include a post about
the future of the revered beans and the elixir that's made with them.
And about the coffee business... because the business side of
coffee is why it's so important to buy an organically grown,
fairly-traded, ethically imported bag of beans.

Being a major coffee lover, I've also been supporting and
shouting out the best companies to buy from for a long time,
beautiful brands, such as Groundwork, Ethical Bean
and Equal Exchange, for instance, as well as this one;
from my blog.


But the other side of the story, as it is with much of the grocery shopping
we do, is hidden in many cases. And it's not a very pretty story.
Unless, that is, if you purchaseyour beans and brew from companies
and brands that are committed to making that story a better one.
those who are makeing the extra effort, not so much to get the pricing down,
but to ensure that the coffee plantations are not adding to global warming or
polluting the environment, and creating relationships with the people who
grow and harvest the beans, as well as pay them
what they are owed instead of exploiting them.

  Emma Loewe, a writer for
mindbodygreen, explains that,
and also how it's possible that coffee could very well
become the world's most sustainable crop
"Today marks International Coffee Day, an occasion for caffeine lovers
everywhere to raise a mug to their favorite brew. First kicked off three years
ago, the nascent holiday celebrates the farmers and the land that make today's
coffee culture possible.
The caffeine conundrum:  Unfortunately, our fervor for
cold brews and almond milk lattes has created a double-edged sword of sorts.
While it brings more employment opportunities to poor regions,
...global thirst for coffee beans has led us to the outer edges of the
earth on a hunt for more farmland... making mass deforestation and
human rights issues a huge concern in business."

Find out more about the various aspects involved
in the growing and trading of coffee beans.
Also, you can learn the easy way to spot a good brand to buy,
one that's truly certified organic and fair trade.
(hint: it isn't the cute name or the chic packaging)

You, buying smart, will help make the world a more beautiful place,
and make your cup of morning Joe taste all the sweeter.

  READ Emma's mindbodygreen post:
Coffee Culture & The Rise of A Sustainable Crop >


STYLE + SIP: 3 Late Summer Pairings of Chic Scarves and Cool Cocktails

 You know I love to have at least one (or 4) of blog post round-up of a collection
one of my favorite treats: Summer Cocktails. This year is no exception, but
thought I'd have some fun and change it up a bit. So this year, as an homage
to the soon to come end of Summer, I've curated 3 sets of pairings: putting
some sweet Summer style together with cool and cooling cocktails, and
each set within a fitting travel destination. Do join us!

Style A Beautiful Summer Resort Look With Color and Accessories


You don't have to travel far to get yourself into gorgeous Resort look.
I'll show you how to use
accessories to create your own.
Here, I'm using tropical influenced pieces in soft
peachy pinks and beachy blues, for Summer style
with a chic resort look and relaxed feel.

Start with the star of this set,
the statement resort wrap scarf "Paradise-Ocean Palms"
in organic sateen, by Beau Monde Organics.

Then color coordinate your look; I've chosen pastel peach-pinks, 
like the orange-pink Kitten sun shades with rose-gold 
and the comfy-chic pink suede Hamptons espadrilles.
To make it work, I've added the contrast color of seaglass blue in
eco-jewelry accents, like these from earrings Natalie Frigo
and bracelet by Daisy Bead works, and topped it off with
a neutral colored straw widebrim sunshade hat.
Pull it all together with a natural bamboo Ark bag by Cult Gaia. 
Use these ideas for your outfit, and anywhere you go,
you'll be sure to feel beautiful, and leave memorable impressions.

To see all the item descriptions or to shop, click through to see my
interactive 'Beautiful Summer Peachy-Beachy' set on Polyvore.

and enjoy a beautiful Summer!

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We all can do more to live greener, more mindfully eco conscious way.
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your way to changing your habits, till you realize being green isn't so hard after all.

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