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Better Living Through The Tao Of Travel and The Wisdom Of Wanderlust

Isn't it amazing how both our worldly perspective,
and also how our creativity, opens up and flows freely
after one has traveled, rested or spent time relaxing.
Here's 3 quotes that beautifully celebrate living in the moment,
traveling to experience other cultures, as well as
taking the time to enjoy, rest and restore.

Don't Be Waster! Learn How To Care For Our Precious Water

“Thousands have lived without Love; ...not one without Water.”
~W. H. Auden
Are you a Waster?You love the earth, so take an active role in helping her.
Every day, each of us in the free world has only to go
to any sink, turn on a faucet, and have
access to all the pure, clean water we want...

How To Style Your Wanderlust (and How To Pack To Beat Baggage Fees)

Give in to your wanderlust and always travel in the chic style... with handcrafted scarves.

I've selected my 'Ginger Flower' art-print scarf to go along with you
for the 
unique comfort of this lightweight, organic voile scarf, and the
lovely neutral 'Driftwood' gray-brown color that goes with everything.

Did you know a summer scarf is one item that's a perfect
and versatile accessory to pack for traveling?
It can be your best friend when styling with a
limited travel wardrobe; extending your style options,
and multi-tasking as a beauty/style enhancer;
belt/wrap and head cover. A cool cover against the
hot sun, and also keeps off chills after sunset,
in A/C or while in-flight. And the lightweight scarves
take up virtually no room in your bag.
That leaves you ready for any adventure that lies ahead.
As long as you pack properly before you go.

How To Get More From Your Workout: 4 Types with Multiple Mind-Body Benefits

Many of us are pressed for time when it comes to workouts, which can make it
tempting to skip it. (I know I've done that!) But really, that's so not a good thing.
So instead of missing your workouts, what would be better is for the time
you spend on your workouts be as efficient as possible.

Check out these 4 Practices that
pack the most punch for your time.

For The Love Of Trees, Forests and Woodlands - A Celebration For Arbor Day

"For in the true nature of things,if we rightly consider,
every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver."

~Martin Luther (1483-1546)

I couldn't agree more with the Monk; trees are truly precious!

The tree shown above is known as 'Methuselah', is a 4,850 year old
Bristlecone Pine - one of the oldest trees on Earth!