It's Spring! Take cues from nature to renew, refresh, revive!

Spring blooms signal the first signs of the earth’s renewal. Let it signal your own renewal as well. Sweep away the winter blues with a little cue from nature. Time to freshen up with new colors. Add some soft pinks, cool mauves, bright lavenders and other fresh colors to your wardrobe with some easy to wear accessories. (a new colorful scarf, perhaps?) Try tossing out the old (into recycling, of course!) and trying a new makeup color from one of the latest organic and natural lines now available. For your living space, planting some spring herbs in a freshly-colored pot is a great way to instantly brighten up your home with some well-placed color. Not to mention the joy of having your own organically grown fresh herbs ready at your fingertips at mealtime. Taking the time to indulge in some simple tasks can quickly perk up your mood and brighten up even a not-so-sunny day! What things do you enjoy doing to to renew yourself or your home as a way to welcome spring?