My Zen Moment

This is a small stone cup. I love to pick it up and hold it; it fits beautifully into my hand, smooth and cool and perfectly curved. It is made, I was told, from Pakistani marble. When I bought it, I was with a friend, and we were perusing the offerings in a Buddhist Book Booth at LA Festival Of Books.  The container was then empty, but had such an appealing heft, intriguing markings and polished smoothness, that I could not leave it behind. Once I had it home, I knew it needed to be filled with... something.  Leaving it sit empty for a while, I soon realized the tiny succulents would be a perfect pairing. Filling the small container with soil, I tucked in the fragile plantlings carefully. Not sure how it is possible... yet maybe it was why I was inexplicably drawn to it - but this small, sand-colored marble vessel, now filled with tiny plant beings, is a thing that daily brings me into a Zen moment. It makes me stop. ...breathe deeply.   ...enjoy.  and smile.