5 Top Summer Style Tips

1. Get Glowing with a Great Organic Bronzer.  There are many new organic and/or natural bronzing powders available that add a warm, healthy glow without the risk of sun damage. Apply to face, neck, d├ęcolletage  and top of shoulders to get that sun-kissed glimmer. Try Aveda, The Body Shop or Sephora's Tarte. My pick is a surprising one:Physician's Formula  has a fantastic new organic cosmetic line, at very reasonable prices.
2. Wrap up with a summer scarf.  Lightweight fabrics make it easy to add a splash of color, style and panache to any outfit.  They can also work as a wrap when the sun goes down or the AC gets too chilly. Of course, my pick has to be Beau Monde Organics, all organic cotton, in original art designs by yours truly! Shop our online 'Beau-tique' on Smashing Darling.
3. Indie-designed jewelry can add a unique twist to your fahionista image. Try pairing a long necklace with an open neckline, or wrap your wrists in loads of colorful bangles for an intriguing addition to your look. Take a look at the offerings of independent jewelry designers, who showcase their work on online shops such as SmashingDarling.com or Etsy.com.
4. Shade your peepers in Eco-style.  Shield your eyes from the summer sun with a great pair of bamboo-enhanced sunglasses.  A great pair that fits your face can completely up your mood, your look, and, if you buy a sustainable pair, probably your karma! Check out the new Smith Optics Evolve, made of earth friendly materials. If you're in UK, get a pair of Unitdot bamboo sunnies, also at So Ethic, Melbourne, Australia.

5. Get your head into a hat.  A great hat always makes a bold fashion statement.  It also can shade your head, eyes and face from too much summer sunshine.Try one of the great selections of organic and hemp toppers at Headchange.com 

Get going ...It's time to strut your summer (eco) style!