'Malodora' - A Fantastic Find For The Artistically Fashionable

For a truly unique twist on personal adornment and jewelry accessories, try browsing the amazing works of Master Polymer Clay & Metal Artist Dee Wilder. Her Etsy Shop is called 'Malodora'. All her pieces are her own original designs, and she uses no coatings, instead hand-buffs all the pieces. Her artistry and innovative designs are both exciting and intriguing, making me want to buy way more than just one.  As luck would have it, she sells her fabulous fashionables at down-to-earth prices.  So go get your own masterpiece!


  1. Thank you for the lovely feature! You made my day!!

  2. I truly is my pleasure! Having worked in polymer clay, I know the time and patience it takes. Very impressed by your creative ingenuity. Happy Creating!