Vintage, Recycle... and now Swap

 Who knew that all those years I spent perusing the racks of Aardvark or Goodwill, trying to save a buck, that I was SO ahead of the game. Seems I was always into "Vintage". I was "Reusing", Recycling. Well, never thought of it as the "in" thing to do, so much as the smart thing to do. Seems that now, other people have just finally caught on. Then came eBay, where people could hold garage sales from their computer. But that whole waiting for the auction bid was never for me - I'm a "Buy It NOW" kind of shopper. But it's great when you have a big old stained glass lamp you'd like to unload. But what to do about those books and CD's you have but are just are done with? The DVD's you never watch any more, or the video games that just sit and collect dust? Now there is a new game on the scene. And it beats rummaging through garage and yard sale fare, because you can get it for FREE. It's called And for the mere minutes it takes you to register and to gather your unused stuff, you can be swapping with others for free new stuff!  Give it a try-Don't Shop...Swap!