Do You Lie? Shine By Living Authentically

"The Gift of Truth Excels All Other Gifts." ~Buddha

Do you think of yourself first and lie to others? Why? To avoid confrontation? To hurt another? To get out of accepting consequences for your actions? To evade acknowledgement of your own responsibility? You are self-absorbed? Or in denial about your own actions and feelings?
I do not understand the current propensity of lies lately; from politicians, corporations and public figures it's so common we almost expect it. But to have it come also from acquaintances, colleagues, co-workers, friends, lovers, & spouses? I don't understand it, and it greatly disheartens and saddens me. This is not living well. It's a way to diminish yourself and others simultaneously. Think, next time, before speaking a lie...what are you afraid of? It surely cannot be anything more awful than the energy that gets wasted with the constant fear of worrying if a lie will be discovered. Nor worse than the degradation of your own personal honor, nor the injustice you do to the person(s) you are lying to. Neither is it worse than the silent, subtle effects that permeate our being because we live with lies, avoidance, evasion, dishonesty and insincerity; the upset stomachs, headaches, insomnia, anxiety & neuroses. There is truly no reason for this. What to do instead? Be authentic. Be brave. Face your fears and live fearlessly. Take control of your personal power and do not hide behind a false face. Believe in yourself; be worthy & honorable. In so doing, you honor others. Goodness will follow always you when you do. The Buddha knew that and expressed it ages ago. Remember that living authentically is the only way to truly live well.