What Are You Holding On To?

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~Lao Tzu
Photo by Marcus T. Thomas
Some changes are very welcome. But many times, change, leading off into the unknown, can be a very difficult, even terrifying, thing. But we would do well to remember that change is not only an inevitable part of life, it is the only way we truly grow; by experience, by mistakes, by taking risks, by working through, by making difficult decisions. The process can be dreaded, or, if you can let go of what you really no longer need, you can make it into a wonderful, exciting and truly memorable time. As Lao Tsu reminds us, it is only when we choose to accept changes in ourselves and let go of our perceived realities, can we truly 'become' our best selves. So try to enjoy the ride. Though the road may be a bumpy one, make your arrival at your 'destination' all you hope for! 


  1. How timely your post has come to me. Change is creates emotional turmoil but once embraced the calmness of the sea envelops us and the rest happens!

  2. Excellent thought for the day Stephanie .. the Chinese character for 'change' denotes both risk and opportunity .. how true, and how necessary in life to make changes for, as you say, this is the way to growth and discovery and the revelation of our true selves and the capabilities of the spirit .. thanks .. KW

  3. @YogaSavy-glad to know it a helpful thought! I too have had change feel like turmoil, but then we have to work at letting go.
    @KW-love that about the Chinese character; for no opportunity is without risk, and if we cannot change, we stagnate.
    thanks for your comments!

  4. I find myself in one of the most difficult periods of my life, a time when I really need to make some decisions critical to my future and my future happiness (or perhaps losing that happiness). It is very frightening. Reading your post reminds me of what I really should do, even though I greatly fear doing it. Your words and Lao Tzu's thought are inspiring. If only I could put them into action in my life. We shall see. Thank you.

  5. Mike: I hope you can. Try not to let fear rule your life. To face down fear is the definition of courage. And I do not underscore the difficulty, but the rewards are great. Decide to be fearless, choose to go forward, for the only way out is through.