Beauty And Brains in LA!

Joined a friend of mine yesterday who had come to Los Angeles on an impromptu visit. I went to  the hotel she was staying at in Westwood, an LA neighborhood. As you know, I love to tout businesses making positive change in the world, and the Hotel Palomar, certainly has done so. This trendy, artfully-styled hotel, near to UCLA, world-renowned museums and one of the most hip neighborhoods in LA, more than met my sense of design and esthetics with it's modern, yet comfortably inviting decor. Add to that the welcoming, wonderfully accommodating  staff,  beautifully designed restaurants and a great bar (that includes organic wines on an extensive list). Pets are welcomed too, with a water-bar at the entrance to greet furry guests, replete with giant water bowls. But I became more pleased when I found that this hotel, in fact, the entire chain, (Kimpton) has implemented protocols and policy for preservation of resources, all without sacrificing service or comfort. This committment is practiced throughout the hotel, as part of their daily routine. For it, the EPA awarded the highest ecological honor for conservation efforts. They will even donate to the charity of your choice when you're booking online, (and their selections include one of my favorites, The Nature Conservancy). It's said that in LA, finding the combination of Beauty and Brains can be elusive. But at least when it comes to a place to stay, Hotel Palomar has got it covered.