'One moon shows in every pool;
in every pool, the one moon.'
~Zen Saying

Unretouched photo I took of the moon, glowing an amazing topaz gold. 


  1. I know next to nothing about Zen Buddhism. Does this mean that as humans we are all the same in many ways? A nice photo of the moon!

  2. @MikeB: Pretty close Mike. But a subtle, yet profound difference, a concept called 'anatta; the idea that there is no separate self. There are many versions of Buddhism; this Zen quote is a concept common to all: that all life & all things are interconnected. To embody this concept (to 'become enlightened')is when you will feel joy, compassion, peace, gratitude and love for all. (I am hugely simplifying a vast philosphy here...) -and the photo does no justice to how the moon really looked that night!