Song Of Myself

"I celebrate myself, and sing myself..."
Walt Whitman (1819-1892)
(From 'Song Of Myself', 'Leaves of Grass') 
The wisdom and beauty of the words of the great transcendentalist poet and writer Walt Whitman's is extraordinary. His grasp of his connection to his spiritual self, to the earth and to his fellow human beings is here at a zenith, expressed in these words. (and the rest of the poem) This is not an ego-driven message, nor one of conceit, but a reminder of our spiritual connection to the natural world and to each other. That each and all should be celebrated, honored, respected and lived daily. That doing so creates beauty and happiness and peace. To 'sing ourselves', is to remember the divine spirit that resides within each of us, and to respect it, so that all others and all else may also be honored. May his words live forever, and may they imbue us with the wisdom to guide us to living our best life.


  1. I have never been good at analyzing poetry. I just know what I like, even though I typically miss the underlying message. And so I do appreciate learning more through insightful analyses such as the one you give here for Whitman's words. I know of Whitman, but have read only a handful of his poems. I really like When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer.

  2. If I can help anyone better appreciate the words of the likes of Whitman, Thoreau or Emerson,(not to leave out more who I could name)then I have done something good for the day! Thanks for your comment, MikeB!