Accountability...Are You Up For It?

"Take your life in your own hands
and what happens?
A terrible thing:
you have no one to blame."


Thanks to Carolina Baker of Girl Habits for reminding me
of this outstanding Erica Jong quote!


  1. Accountability. I like that word. So many people today (think politicians or business leaders as two examples) say that they take "responsibilty" for the messes they created. But how many of these people are held "accountable," that is have their positions or livelihoods disrupted because of their unethical acts?

  2. @ MikeB: yes, I do agree with you. And the idea is not as much about pointing fingers at others, but to assess ourselves. When we decide to be accountable, we make better choices. And if we make a mistake, to honestly try to own up and rectify it, instead of trying to "get out of it". But it is difficult, it takes courage, hence, the question in the title is for each of us to ask ourselves.