The Literary Jewels of Jeremy May (in recycled paper)

Came upon this little gem of a site this morning, and just had to share!  Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and more, cut from old books, the artist's own techniques. presented in the original book it came from.  The result is astonishing, alluring, and has a touch of romanticism (especially if you're a book-lover like myself!) Per his own description; "Jeremy May has captured the beauty of paper via a unique laminating process. Littlefly  jewellery ('jewelry' for those of us in US) is made by laminating hundreds (of) sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss. The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewellery re-inserted in the excavated space."

May's pieces are stunning in their conception and execution. Recycled paper jewelry art, with a literary twist!  He offers bespoke (custom requests) as well. Bravo, Jeremy!