'Girl Habits' Interview Brings Simple Happiness

You know I love innovative design, especially when it's also eco-friendly! Recently, linked to a Facebook post for an organic cotton sports bra, The cleverly designed Mi-Bra holds your iPod while you work out. Additionally impressive was it's low price. Linking to it, I found myself on Girl Habits. This positive-minded site is a treasure trove of interesting people and subjects, authored by the delightful Carolina Baker. Turns out, we share a love for memorable quotes and simple pleasures! (Shortly after, I posted this) She is a writer in NYC (although she says she still is trying to be one!) and an eco-business woman who is not only making positive changes in business and in her own life, but is encouraging and helping others to find their 'simple happiness' as well. So I was quite happy to find her and her wonderful site!
Today, I'm sharing one of her blog's fabulous features: interviews with entrepreneurs that have touched her life in some way. This one is with me. I found it really fun to do, and felt honored to be chosen to be interviewed along with such inspiring women. Hope you enjoy.  And please do stop by and say hello to Carolina! Tell her 'Eco-friendly Stephanie' sent you.
eco-friendly Stephanie shares her beliefs
"Editor’s note: Stephanie Gale, Design Artist, Entrepreneur, was interviewed for this post. I’ve been away for a couple days… It was the Holidays, but it was also one of those weeks. Even though my emotions weren’t up to par, I still exercised daily, wrote a couple thousand words, and saw friends for drinks. This week is just as busy, as I’m having dinner with some pretty cool people, taking a private boxing class, and seeing a friend I adore for ZUMBA.
I was lucky enough to meet Stephanie Gale through…my blog. She left a comment and we connected through our love of quotes and our eco-friendly businesses. I couldn’t help but interview her. Check out some of her beautiful scarves here. You can also like her facebook page here." Read the entire interview here.