This New Year, Aspire To Inspire

Gandhi's Seven Social Sins
Wealth without Work.
Pleasure without Conscience.
Knowledge without Character.
Commerce without Morality.
Science without Humanity.
Worship without Sacrifice.
Politics without Principle.

Dr. Arun Gandhi (Mahatma's Grandson) added an 8th:
  Rights Without Responsibility
I remember being quite struck by these words when I first saw them on a poster in an office.  They have stayed with me ever since. What is your reaction to Ghandi's points? Further,
 What are your inspiring thoughts? 


  1. Have no fear of perfection--you'll never reach it."
    Salvador Dali

  2. @ YogaSavy: Delighted with your response!! love it! thank you.

  3. This list of "sins" makes me reflect. And when I reflect, I think. And I think I need to know more about the precise thoughts Ghandi had when he linked some of these attributes before I comment with certainty about how I view them. For example, should a man who inherits great wealth from his parents be thought of as committing a "social sin"? The man did not work for the money; let us assume his parents did, however. And what if the man who inherits this wealth becomes a philantropist who gives much of that wealth away? Like I said, the list makes me reflect.

  4. @ MikeB: thanks so much for your thought-provoking comment! Your questions are not only completely valid, in fact, Ghandi meant for all of us to reflect and question our own actions. He believed that all have a responsibility to do so. So, in your example, if one is given money, but squanders it in excessive and selfish manner, that is the "sin". If one used that money philanthropically, that would be the "work"; the self-sacrificing action for the greater good. Ghandi was a socio-political activist who believed in non-violence(ahimsa), most active during the turbulent time of India trying to gain it's independence from Britain. He was assinated in 1948.

  5. Thank you, Stephanie, for your explanation some of Ghandi's philosophy. I learned much from it.

    While I am here, may you have many blessings during this season of joy, and may you have a new year full of wonderful things: good health, much happiness, success in all your endeavors, abundant rewards of the spirit, and more.

  6. Dear MikeB- many thanks for sending such beautiful wishes my way. And I am grateful for your presense here, and wish you the gifts of peace, joy and abundance, this holiday and throughout the New Year!

  7. Hardly, I know someone who is not in awe with this great man - Mahatma Gandhi. Glad to see him in your blog...:)

  8. Thank you Dhananjay! I sometimes lament his loss in the world...we could use someone like him now!