...Origin Of The Species

Searching for something on the subject of the Relationship of Fashion & Nature, I had a moment of serendipity.  These delightfully delectable images were found in the archives of Hiphonest.
"Nature versus Fashion" by Kyra Martens - ART PHOTOGRAPHY
Kyra Martens, a photographer from the Netherlands made these gorgeous pictures of animals and fashion (clothes by Edwin Oudshoorn, make-up by Samantha van de Ven & Bajram Gashi).
This talented and promising photographer just finished her studies in photography at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. “On the Origin of Species” the projects title refers to the eponymous book written by Charles Darwin from 1859. Kyra took the guts to shoot these animals herself, some supermodels she found in ‘Artis’ (the Zoo of Amsterdam) others in ‘Apenheul’ (the monkey Zoo in Apeldoorn).
“Our sense of esthetics was evolutionary developed to distinguish the difference between difficult and easy, rare and common, expensive and cheap, skillful and untalented. That gave us the ability to recognize proving of high or low fitness, which is essential when searching for a suitable partner.
Creativity is based on novelty, such as the constant combining in a different manner of old information to create a new product. Thus art is a fitness-indicator that gives us information about the intelligence and creativity of the artist.”