5 Tips For A Greener Valentine's Day

Every February 14, people start planning (or worrying) about what kind of gift to get their sweetheart, spouse, or special friends. I'm talking of Valentine's Day. Make the switch and and decide to get green this Valentine's Day!   This year, do it up in eco-friendly style

Here's 5 simple ways to get your green on this Valentine's day.

1. GO ORGANIC!  Flowers are a fantastic way to make someone feel special, but the standard flower  and greenhouse industry are huge polluters, using tons of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Go organic! We love both Organic Bouquet & California Organic Flowers .  You can also try your local Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, or your local natural foods grocery for inexpensive organic bouquets. As far as the Valentine favorite, sexy lingerie, make it organic cotton for an eco-friendly and silky soft gift! ( Pi Organics) Or organic fabric gifts, which are touchably soft (like scarves from Beau Monde Organics *)  That, and a good bottle of organic wine (Paul Dolan Wines, Frey Vineyards ) is sure to put anyone in a romantic mood.
2. GO LOCAL, GO SMALL OR GO HOME!   Share a local domestic sparkling wine instead of a champagne from France. Take a short trip (or walk...or sleighride!) to your local neighborhood small business restaurant instead of going to a big chain restaurant or a distant destination. Get creative, and cook a romantic candlelit dinner at home, with an organic, vegetarian, vegan or even a raw-food themed feast. This supports local and small business, and means a lower carbon footprint, and lower cost!
3. GO GREEN CLEAN !  Clean up  your act with wonderful organic ingredient body washes, shower gels, lotions and soaps! Not only are they great for getting you in the mood to see your special someone, they all make fabulous gifts as well.  We like Pangea Organics and Bee Gorgeous Organics 
4. GO CUCKOO FOR COCOA!  Seriously, what is Valentine's Day without chocolate? (it's just sad, is what!) But what's really sad is chocolate that comes at the expense of exploitation of other human beings or of the earth. So make it organic & fair-trade instead, and you'll really have something special to give to someone.  Some of our recent favorites: Equal Exchange , Vivani and the amazing Chocovivo
5. GO RECYCLED!  If you give your sweetheart a Valentine card, make sure they are printed on paper that is at least some,  if not all, recycled content.  Give gifts that are vintage, or made from recycled materials. (Paloma Pottery)  Support an independent vintage business by shopping  Etsy

Go greener for a sweeter Valentine's Day!
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  1. Chocolate, Perfect for Valentine's or very simple just say "I love you" and mean it from the bottom of your heart

  2. @YogaSavy - to say 'I love you' & mean it is perfect, and the BEST gift ...for ANY day! thanks YS!!

  3. Well .. saying I love you is special, but should perhaps be said every day, we thrive on love and to know one is loved is good for the heart.. chocs are always a favourite but Stephanie, cotton knickers for Valentine's Day? tsk tsk - not very sexy my dear haha .. e-cards are more environmentally friendly (and sometimes cheaper if you can't afford a good one) - (also can be sent anywhere in the world without the transport costs to the environment) ..

    However, why do people assume that only men must make the effort - surely it is a holiday for lovers and women should let the man know he is loved too - a great holiday for a woman to show she cares, no matter how far away or how long it's been .. great stuff tho' Steph - thanks for all the research and effort you put in to these posts .. KW

  4. I'm all about organic flowers. I just found this great deal! $25 for $60 worth of gorgeous eco-friendly flowers at at www.winwinliving.com. Plus they gave 10% of the money to my favorite charity!

  5. @ KW- true, saying 'cotton knickers', doesn't sound too sexy! But organic cotton is luscious soft! and as for sexy - did you actually click on that Pi Organic link?? methinks not!
    E-cards!! yes! Thanks for the additional green tip! Recycled cards were cited, however, as many people prefer a physical card for Valentine's.
    And I'm not sure of the answer to your last query - I might venture the guess of traditon as a reason for some. But you will note that nowhere in MY post is there anything that says it should be only men making the effort. Nor that it should only be between couples. I agree we all should try to let others know we love them and care about them and find fun, sweet as well as romantic ways to show it. I'm so glad you stopped by, Kevin! Sending a Valentine hug out to you!

  6. @ Anonymous - Thanks for adding another excellent tip for ways to GO ORGANIC! And who doesn't like to hold onto a bit more pocket green while we're at it!

  7. Haha .. fair point Stephanie, just always 'linger' too long when I browse the 'lingerie' {;o) - but these are pretty, and sexy too - I'll take your word on the lusciousness of the fabric .. a little organic flower (should there be any other kind!?) rubbed lightly on a 'physical card' is sweet too ..

    Yes Stephanie, I noticed you did not write that it was only a 'girls day' .. my comment was a general one as most ads I have seen seem to suggest that is the case .. true romantics know that both men and women love to be loved and told so ..

    Thanks for the hug - have one from me .. KW

  8. KW- glad you enjoyed your lingerie lingering!
    and yes- true romantics don't need to be told by ads what to do... so here's to True Romantics! Long live romance!
    (thx! I love hugs, even virtual ones!)

  9. I like Valentine's Day, but after almost three decades of marriage, I am running out of ideas. Same goes for Christmas and my wife's birthday.

    Sometimes, I make my own card, write a love letter, or write a poem for my wife. At least that is original and requires a different and more personal effort than giving a store gift card, going out to dinner, or buying flowers or candy.

    Here's to love and laughter together.