Chaos Theory

"There has to be chaos to give birth to a dancing star"
~Friedrich W. Nietzsche

With his famous aphorism, the great German philosopher reminds us
that in life, it is often through great upheaval, that beautiful things are born.

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  1. Out of chaos emerges clarity, reason and a light to one's footsteps

  2. @YogaSavy - Beautful! So very well said!!
    and so true... thanks so much for your wise comment.

  3. My life has been in chaos recently, but I have begun to emerge. Maybe there will be a new me.

  4. Dear MikeB! Thanks for your comment. And will let you know that I created that art when my life was in chaos, and felt that Nietzsche had found a way to inject some purpose into the turmoil. Indeed, a 'new me' was 'born'. Would love to know of your story too, whenever you are able to tell it...

  5. Maybe some day, I will tell the story. Meanwhile, I love your art. I did not realize you were the artist. Superb!

  6. @MikeB: Seems you have much you could share... Thanks so very much for the compliments on my art!! So glad to know you like it!