Not So Romantic - Flower Bouquets Via Abused Farm Workers

My company, Beau Monde Organics, has a mission statement that cites peaceful positive change; ethical, environmental and social. Because of that, today's post will not be so warm & fuzzy. Instead, I hope to make enough of an impact on you that you will be compelled to take a simple action.

I found out something today that made me write this post. In my previous post, I suggested to buy Valentine's flowers from California Organic Flowers or Organic Bouquets , where one owns and runs their own California farm, and the other partners with farms in S.A. in Fair Trade practices, improving the lifestyles of the farm workers, not degrading them. 
But 1-800-Flowers, one of the largest floral businesses, (amongst others) does not use any Fair Trade practices, and the farms they buy from have been reported to engage in many human rights abuses; no protection from deadly pesticides, very low pay, huge overtime hours with no overtime pay, child labor, and even physical abuse and rapes are frequently reported.  
Take this simple action:  sign the petition to request they make the change to Fair Trade Certified farms.
worker with lesions from pesticide poisoning
Be a Romantic Hero(ine)! Be sure that the beautiful bouquet you give your sweetheart doesn't come at the expense of another human beings suffering, or harm the planet.  Thanks. 


  1. Thank you for this insight. Had no idea

  2. @ YS- Had no idea of the depth of it either, A sad truth to learn. Thx!

  3. Hello Stephanie,
    I have been out of the country for about five weeks (have been back for two days now). A health crisis (my wife's relative) developed in very late January, and we hurriedly had to prepare for a trip to the Philippines -- the relative died after we arrived there.

    I did not read your blog while I was away, but
    yesterday, I reviewed my past comments to see where I left off reading your posts, I see that on your January 30 post, I promised you a couplet. My mind is a bit off right now, but I will try to write one for you soon.

    It's good to be reading your blog again.

  4. Dear were missed! So very sorry for your loss!! But so very happy to have you back! I will look forward to one of your lovely poems whenever you feel inspired to write! Thanks!