Eco-Fashion: Scarf Up Your Style For Spring!!

It's Spring! Scarf up your style with hot spring colors!
We've even included some scarf styling tips for you!

 headband it!

shoulder toss it!

 drape it!

loop it!

 boy-tie it!

wrap it!
you can also
belt it,
sash it,
bow-tie it,
pony-tail-wrap it,
and scarf up your purse with it!

Scarf up your scarf at Beau Monde Organics!


  1. Who is that lovely woman in the "drape it!" and "shoulder toss it!" photos?

    The scarfs are lovely, too.

  2. Hi MikeB - that is our lovely model Charnice Burns, who alos live here in LA, but works at an architecture firm and travels the world.
    and glad you like the scarves too! ;-)

  3. Hello Jewel! and THANK YOU so much for the scarf comps!! Happy Spring to you!