Fav Quote Friday: Take A Moment To Find Your Joy

"People from a planet without flowers
would think we must be




the whole time
to have such things about us."
~ Iris Murdoch


  1. But, what kind of people would they be if they were from a planet without flowers .?. sometimes the simple luxury of a walk in the spring sunshine with the flowers blooming are the best moments in life .. thanks for this Stephanie .. {;o)

  2. love to know others appreciate those 'simple luxuries' too! You're welcome KW, and thx for your coment! (& think the peeps w/o flowers would be sad, indeed!)

  3. Stephanie --

    YOU are a flower with sweet petals bright
    That give us beauty and our minds excite.

  4. As to the post itself, I already do some things that bring me joy, but earlier this week I began to try to focus more on them, to the exclusion of the more negative things in my life. Your posts are so often uplifting. Reading them and thinking about the lessons they provide also brings me joy.

  5. Dear MikeB - THANK YOU so very much!! First, for a couplet of yours that is so...well, beautifully kind & just beautiful!(*blushing*)
    and secondly, for a post comment that I'm so very happy to know; I am humbly grateful and very delighted to know that my blog has such a postive effect on you! Wonderful to know it brings joy into your life. Because your comments today have definately done that for me! Sending hugs of gratitude and happiness!