Art and Design: Brothers Bouroullec Bring It Down To The Floor

The outstanding dynamic design duo, French brothers
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, have been a favorite of mine 
since they first started working together about 10 years ago.
They are also the favorites of numerous top manufacturers,
noted design houses and museums, and have garnered coveted
awards throughout their career.
 You simply MUST check out their site, to peruse the products created
by these brothers, an endless well of creativity, in every medium,
creating contemporary art pieces that stun you with creative originality,
and unique solutions to functional home decor, often taking their
inspiration from nature and geometry and putting their
own distinctive spin on it.
This year's offerings are no different.  But my favorite, far and above,
is this most amazing thing to hit the floor:
a rug. 
So how can a rug be so special? Read on.
And let me know if you don't agree.

 Description of "Losanges" from their website:
"We have always been captivated by the traditional Persian rug, especially
by the very old kilim savoir-faire which we see as a delicate mix of rusticity
and fineness. We have been lucky to see this project carried through by the
craftsmen of Northern Pakistan who managed to skillfully combine thirteen
colors through the geometrical rhombus shape. As well as being crafted by
hand, the Afghan wool is also spun by hand, which allows for some unique
color tones to be highlighted. This subtly random technique makes each
lozenge slightly different and each rug, a unique piece."