Art & Design: 'Lines In The Sand' - Land Artist Jim Denevan, Story Via

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Read the article by Leigha Oaks here.
Featured are the special creations of Land Artist Jim Denevan.

Although nowhere near as intricate,
and completed by a single individual instead of a group,
Jim's art conveys a similar message regarding the
impermanence and fragility of nature
in the way of a Tibetan sand Mandala.
Jim puts his essence into his art,
and then lets it go;
cleared by the tides and the winds,
into the eternal coming-and-going of nature.


  1. Beautiful .. truly stunning .. one really only gets a sense of the scale when it becomes apparent the artist is standing waaay down there on the sand haha .. and a reflection of the impermanence of life itself .. lovely stuff .. {;o)

  2. @ KW - Thx! It really is quite an astounding thing that one man makes these on such a scale!

  3. @Frank Zweegers - Thaks for stopping by and letting me know of your appreciation! (Your blog is quite a great work too!)

  4. Unbelievable, but seeing is believing. Wonderful and calming.

  5. @MikeB - cool of you to notice that! I actually did not notice the calming, soothing feeling I got from looking at it, until you mentioned it. Thank you!