Body and Spirit: Ancient Wisdom As A Guide For Modern Life

Be kind, 

for everyone you meet

 is fighting a hard battle.

Detail of The School of Athens by Raphael
You most likely are familiar with this quote. You should be; it's been around for almost 3,000 years. The words are Plato's, the Greek Philosopher, student of Socrates, teacher of Aristotle. I find it interesting, that in all his wisdom, of all the philosophical ideas he put forth, that this statement is one of his most well-know. How astoundly simple, yet seemingly vastly difficult for so many to accomplish. There are many virtues, and we may all aspire to one or another. But there is one thing that overshadows and encompasses all. To me, to be kind is the most important thing, ever and always. No matter what happens to you, no matter the circumstances, no matter how much someone may hurt you, try to be kind. Kindness is the source-spring, the essence, the basis of that which creates beauty, harmony and balance in life. In focusing on being kind, the ego diminishes, and our sacred spirit is opened to others to connect with theirs.
Be kind, always, to everyone you meet.


  1. What a wonderful comment by Plato. I had never heard it before (or maybe I did and forgot from when I was introduced briefly to Plato in 1962, but I have not read him since). I figure it this way: Everyone in the world is trying to find his or her path. As long as they do me no harm or do not put me in harm's way, let them do what they want. So let me be kind to them when our paths cross.

  2. I re-read this post tonight. It was good to once again reflect on your insightful thoughts and on Plato's comment. I find that kindness often brings harmony to the moment. It does not cost me anything to be kind, and the recipient of my kindness is enriched. And vice versa.

  3. Hi MikeB! Thank you for sharing this sweet reflective thought. you are so right! And it was my intention to pass that feeling along, so thanks for letting me know that it did.
    though I left organized religion a long time ago, your comments remind me of the Prayer of of St. Francis, who taught kindness in the face of hatred, and, as you have also realized, "For it is in giving that we receive."