Eco-Fashion: All Sewed Up...Organically! Organic Cotton Thread Now In A Rainbow of Colors!

Attention all sewing fans, dressmakers, eco-designers, quilters, DIY'ers and anyone interested in going organic when sewing your own creations: If you've ever tried to find organic cotton thread to go with your organic fabrics, you know it is difficult.  It also has been even more difficult, if not impossible, to find organic cotton thread that is anything other than the 3 most basic colors of natural, white or black. We are happy to say that those of you who like to use organic fabrics and usually use polyester thread to sew it - try a spool of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton thread - and you can dispel the myths about it for yourself!  It does not break, it runs smoothly and you can feel great knowing you're not adding a petroleum oil-based thread to your pure organic fabric.
The thread, unfortunately, is still not available from an American maufacturer, but it is now available in the U.S. through
Fiberactive Organics in North Carolina.  Spun & dyed by reactive dye process in Holland by Scanfil. You can buy the thread through Fiberactive Organics' website, or contact them directly for wholesale orders. Please try this wonderful organic thread, let us know what you think of it. And we'd love to have you send us some pictures of what you've made with it!