Eco-Fashion: B Organic, B Comfy, B Green!

  This weekend I attended the GoGreen Expo in Los Angeles.
One of the wonderful vendors I met there the was B Green Apparel.
They are a California company that makes organic
active/casual wear for the whole family.
You know I'm a lover of all things organic! And of made in America!
Happily, they had everything I wanted in my size and
favorite colors (lavender, natural and black),  
so I could go home the very happy owner of yummy
new hoodies, yoga/workout pants, and tees.
It felt good buying all organic clothing from a committed green company.
They were wonderully soft and very comfortable when I put them on. 
But it felt really good, delicious even,
knowing they were completely made of organic cotton,
colored with low-impact dyes, and chemicals free. 

 Available online and at retailers

B Green Apparel by Nature USA, 3097 East Ana Street,
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221


  1. Now if I could only get my hands on them! here in India it is so hot that my regular yoga clothes are not wearable.... Am looking for something light, breathable and cotton!

  2. @ YogaSavy: We have to get them to ship a box right out to you! Synthetics are miserable in the heat.(especially if it?)

  3. Humid and hot..... Any ideas you always have them

  4. well, YS, I did grow up where summers were very hot & humid. My tricks are: have fans going, keep AC, cool, not cold, if you have it. Wear loose, all-cotton clothing (no nylon or polyester!) Cool, not too cold drinks. (I like water with cucumber and orange slices in it!)
    And the other thing - hope it works for you but what I do may sound weird, but - I relax into the heat! Most people try to fight it, but if you breathe, relax into it, it feels better. Allow yourself to sweat, because that is the body's way of cooling itself off.
    Hope you will feel more comfortable. Let me know if any that helps or if it won't work for you. Here in LA we have 'hotbox' yoga, where the room is purposely heated so you sweat while doing your yoga moves. so...People pay money for what you have for free! ;-) sending hugs!