Eco-Fashion: B Organic, B Comfy, B Green!

  This weekend I attended the GoGreen Expo in Los Angeles.
One of the wonderful vendors I met there the was B Green Apparel.
They are a California company that makes organic
active/casual wear for the whole family.
You know I'm a lover of all things organic! And of made in America!
Happily, they had everything I wanted in my size and
favorite colors (lavender, natural and black),  
so I could go home the very happy owner of yummy
new hoodies, yoga/workout pants, and tees.
It felt good buying all organic clothing from a committed green company.
They were wonderully soft and very comfortable when I put them on. 
But it felt really good, delicious even,
knowing they were completely made of organic cotton,
colored with low-impact dyes, and chemicals free. 

 Available online and at retailers

B Green Apparel by Nature USA, 3097 East Ana Street,
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221