Fav Quote Friday: Thoughts On Persistance, Patience & Perseverance


“When nothing seems to help,

 I go look at a stonecutter,

hammering away at his rock

 perhaps a hundred times,

 without as much as a crack showing in it.

Photo of Artist Joni Mitchell by Susan Gallacher-Turner via Portland Open Studios
Yet at the hundred and first blow

it will split in two,

and I know

it was not that blow that did it,

but all that had gone before.”

~Jacob Riis


  1. The straw that broke the camel's back. I know it all too well lately. I am getting to that point myself. I have seen some Jacob Riis photographs somewhere (a book?) -- hauntingly beautiful (if sadness can be beautiful). You always come up with such interesting quotes.

  2. Thank you MikeB, for the comps! But sorry to hear you feel you are getting yourself to the breaking point. Hope that you are going to persevee and make it through, without the breaking.
    Thx too, for the mention of Riis' photos; his photos were sad, bu very evocative, because he was a man trying hard to change the lives of the poor & lower working classes in NYC at the turn of the last century. Perhaps I should do a post on him sometime, as he was another that worked for ethical treatment of workers.

  3. Yes, I agree. Do a post. I read a little bit about him on Wikipedia after reading this brief post because I wanted to learn more than the little bit I recalled about him. Thank goodness the world produces such people as Jacob Riis, in the past and now.

  4. Thx MikeB: will make a note, as I agree with you!

  5. Speaking of people who changed things for the better, how about this woman -- Fe del Mundo.

    I was in the Philippines for part of February and March 2011 and was in a branch of my favorite store there, the National Book Store. I was looking for picture postcards showing scenes of the Philippines, mainly of its landscapes and churches. I spotted a series of postcards with pictures of people (former President Ferdinand Marcos, for example).

    And there were a number of postcards with the pictures and achievements of accomplished persons. I read the back of several and bought one, that of Fe del Mundo, a woman I had never heard of. But what life! The postcard says, "She dedicated her life to the causes of pediatrics in the country. . . her training programs for lay health workers in child care, and her extension services to remote rural areas [influenced] . . . the establishment of various pediatric institutions in the country."

    This afternoon, I read about her on Wikipedia. I assume Wikipedia is up-to-date, and if it is, she is 99 years old and still makes her daily rounds in the hospital she founded many years ago. If you check her out on Wikipedia, I think you will agree: "What a life!"

    When I read the short bio on the back of the postcard before I bought it in Manila, I said to myself, "I wish I had done something that important." Fe del Mundo, another person we can be thankful for.

  6. Your posts tell me you are a talented, smart, concerned, and committed person. So:

    I do admire you, but from afar;
    We've never met, but I know you're a star!

  7. @MikeB- thank you for the story on Fe del Mundo - it's quite wonderful - and love ti that she still is at it! Think it's wonderful, too, that you noticed and remembered it to share!
    And your couplets are delightful (and most flattering) THANK YOU!! ;-)
    And please know- I think the same of you!
    thanks for taking the time to share your story ...and your couplets!

  8. There's something special when I read your blog:
    Your sweet responses melt my mind's thick fog.

    This is a couplet that came to me this morning when I checked in with your blog to see if there was a new post, and I re-read your response of April 3 here. It feels good to read something nice about oneself. Thank you again!

  9. Stephanie,
    I am beginning a process which I hope will transform me and how I deal with the world. If I do not succeed, I am afraid the stress I have to deal with within myself will sicken me greatly. So for now, I will not be reading blogs, but will concentrate my energies on what I must do to help myself. Thanks for all your wonderful posts and your many kind responses to my comments. I hope to be back here at some time in the future. My best to you.

  10. Dear MikeB- I am so sorry to hear it, as I have been there; stress will indeed make you very ill. It is most important to attend to.
    Please take any time you need to care for yourself! You will be welcome whenever you are able to return. Please know all best energies, prayers and wishes for your healing are being sent. Namaste and please take good care! Sending get well hugs!

  11. Hi Stephanie, I am returning briefly. Things are going a little better for me. But I still have a long way to go. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comment of APR 6. I am returning for now just to try to help my boss, Kelli. Here is the story:

    Kelli is being laid off at the end of April. She is a teacher and the administrator of an after school homework program, and to try to earn a little money (she has no other job prospects in sight), she has developed a web site for parents, teachers, home schoolers, and those who work in after school programs. The site is currently geared towards first graders, and it is wonderful and brilliant. It deals with young kids' physical, mental, social, and cognitive development, and it has A LOT of very helpful information for helping kids learn.

    May I have your permission to mention the link to Kelli’s web site on the next post you do? Of course, I will accept your answer, whether it be Yes or No. Thanks for considering this request.

    If you want to see Kelli’s web site BEFORE you decide, how should I send you the link to the site so you can look at it first?

  12. Hello MikeB! Welcome! Keep up the good work, and try to be patient with it.
    In regard to Kelli's link - no...don't think it would be a good idea to put that info into a comment. But that's because I think it would be a much better idea to write a post about her project/site!
    Please contact me directly via e-mail at
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Be well!