Happy Earth Day 2011! Try To Make Every Day Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Photo by Kevin Wallace

Today I have chosen a post by guest blogger Kevin Wallace,
because I felt it was a perfect a way
to reflect on the reasons behind celebrating Earth Day.
Thank you Kevin, for sending me to your amazing
and beautiful Earth Day post!
I'm happy to share it today!

Photo by Kevin Wallace
 "I love to watch the sun rising, bursting forth in glorious
proclamation of a fresh start; the commencement of a new day
when all is possible. Birds chirp their morning serenade, the cat
curls up on the patio after a night of prowling and all seems
at peace with the world. But, unfortunately all isn’t in concord
on Earth today and as dependent inhabitants we must
take more positive steps to change our behaviour patterns
to ensure the future sustainability of
ecologically sound life on this beautiful planet.

Nature is a force that exists without us
and doesn’t rely on our intervention,
however much we interfere..."

Photo by Kevin Wallace