Happy Earth Day 2011! Try To Make Every Day Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Photo by Kevin Wallace

Today I have chosen a post by guest blogger Kevin Wallace,
because I felt it was a perfect a way
to reflect on the reasons behind celebrating Earth Day.
Thank you Kevin, for sending me to your amazing
and beautiful Earth Day post!
I'm happy to share it today!

Photo by Kevin Wallace
 "I love to watch the sun rising, bursting forth in glorious
proclamation of a fresh start; the commencement of a new day
when all is possible. Birds chirp their morning serenade, the cat
curls up on the patio after a night of prowling and all seems
at peace with the world. But, unfortunately all isn’t in concord
on Earth today and as dependent inhabitants we must
take more positive steps to change our behaviour patterns
to ensure the future sustainability of
ecologically sound life on this beautiful planet.

Nature is a force that exists without us
and doesn’t rely on our intervention,
however much we interfere..."

Photo by Kevin Wallace


  1. Hi Stephanie .. gosh, don't know what to say, except errm did I quote my fees ? .. seriously, this is an honour, and I'm truly impressed by your taste in photographs! .. Earth Day has always meant something to me - I remember the first one, did I mention that? Iron Cody touched me as a child watching television in America, and during the early days of the environmental campaign I had my mother sew an ecology patch onto my first denim jacket as a kid - remember those? .. I've always been litter conscious and took my son to an animal rights rally in Washington DC when he was very young - actually he took me "Daddy we have to tell them not to hurt the animals" .. I'll never forget that .. I hope others listen to us, and all the messages of peace for the planet that have been sent around the world today .. you are a special person, and may all blessings of love be upon you - I think I've gotta change that second paragraph tho' .. hey, about that coffee .. what d'ya think .. haha .. Thanks, my friend .. sure ain't Cape May tho' eh ? .. {;o)

  2. @KW- Thanks so much for a thoughtful Earth Day post! I'm honored to have you as guest blogger!
    Have also been part f the early days of the eco-movement. And that you have taught the next generationto do the same is wonderful.
    Thank you for your very kind compliments and good wishes - I send the same to you. Love the coffee...! and your fees? just put them on my tab!

  3. Wow, what a post by Kevin! I read the whole thing, and then I read some of his wonderfully evocative poetry, also. Thanks, Kevin, for taking me away from my stressful day for a while.

  4. Thanks MikeB! I think so to, so I'm very happy that you also appreciate Kevin Wallace's post here and his poetry on his blog!

  5. Thank you so much MikeB - I really appreciate people taking the time to read my Blogs .. I hope you stop back, in fact take just a moment to sign up and 'follow' for updates .. the poetry site is ever-changing as I add a new piece every couple weeks, but also frequently change the poems on the site (with dozens already on there I mix them up from time to time, so you're almost always sure to catch one you haven't yet read) .. and thank you Stephanie for your kind words and thoughts as always .. {;o)

  6. KW - I will try to stop by your blog on occasion.