Lifestyle: Demeter Is Crying! Why Organic Is Important Now

Demeter: Greek Earth Goddess who brings forth the fruits of the earth.
She is also responsible for the harshness of winter and the sweetness of Spring.

There are over 8,000 chemicals, most  of them toxic or laden with heavy metals, used by the MILLIONS of TONS each year to produce non-organic textiles.  The Earth has an ability to heal itself, but it cannot withstand such a contant onslaught. Nor is there anything so great about all the chemical treatments you are putting next to your skin with chemically-treated clothing.
In food agriculture, same or similar chemicals are used, which get into not only the soil and water supply, but also into our food, poisoning both the earth and ourselves with chemicals that range from somewhat benign to highly toxic and/or carcinogenic.
And the threat produced by profit-crazed mega-corporations (such as Monsanto, for one, who paid judges enough money and put enough pressure  on them, that they abandoned not only their ethics but their intelligence, and granted Monsanato a patent on genetically-modified seeds, which Monsanto can not only not control the spread of, but don't care to, as they are happy to sue the unlucky farmers whose fields have been polluted by their adulterated seeds.) but I digress... the threat from genetically-modified seeds is completely unknown, no matter what corporate-paid scientists may tell you.
It IS important, that, moving forward, we become aware of what really is going on in modern agriculture, because it affects us all. The seeming way out of this mess is a return to some of the old ways, enhanced by new knowledge. This is what organic farming does. And to have it assessed and supervised so that you, the consumer can have some assurance of the purity. This is what Organic Certification Organizations do. Last year, there was a 40% increase in the number of certifictions awarded to farming, processing and milling facilities.  This year it's even greater. 
There are many organizations around the world for organic certification, and all of them monitor the production and growth process from seed all the way through to the final comsumer product. Please educate your self, look for the certification seals when shopping. (NOT the claims by makers, but the logo of a certification organization) USDA-Organic, Demeter-USA, GOTS, CO/BC in North America.  Also there is JAS, BIO, ACO, AB, EU and many more throughout the world.  My personal favorites are Demeter International, who not only has the highest and strictest global standards but also works intensely to promote and certify for biodiversity, and GOTS, whose certification includes Fair Trade practices, so you know that there is no illegal, underpaid or child labor behind any GOTS certified fabric.
And to those who say organic is expensive; it used to be so, but now it is only slightly higher, and will get even lower in cost as more people buy it. Besides, what is a few cents or dollars when it goes towards healing and detoxifying your body and the planet? Isn't that worth it? I believe so. Please consider to start shopping for organic. Let me know what your thoughts or opinions are.