Eco-Fashion: Art That Matters - Sustainable Design At CCA

In a world inundated with old-school ways of thinking, it's inspiring
to see how some have decided to blaze a trail, to lead
instead of just follow. One leader on the cutting edge, (so to speak)
in art, fashion and sustainable design thinking is  
With campuses in San Franciso and Oakland/Emeryville, 
they have taken a very proactive and
forward-thinking approach to teaching art and design.
Love seeing an academic facility start with a
sustainable ecology philosophy in place for both environment
and course offerings, supporting the arts and sustainability, both 

They also offer fashion design, with ecological ethics built into
the course concept. And special sustainability workshops round out
 the curriculum with leaders in eco-design. What this means is that there
will be an entire  generation, a new set of fashion students who are
taught from the start to think about the environmental impact
of what they do, and to become innvovative in their design process.
Offering undergraduate and graduate programs,
CCA deserves applause and appreciation. 

I can't think of a better way to teach or to learn about art and fashion.