Eco-Fashion: Exercise, Organics and iTunes... mi-Bra With iPod Pocket!

If you are a woman living an active, healthy and
eco-friendly lifestyle, then Carolina Baker, blog writer, author,
 inventor and eco-entrepreneur, may just have the thing to
make your eco-style life a little sweeter.  How about running, walking
or working out in an exercise bra made of 90% organic cotton?
Even better - with a built-in front pocket for your iPod?
Like the idea? 
Check out the mi-Bra.
and the price?  $20.00.

From her website, 'Girl Habits':
"The mi-Bra is an eco-friendly sports bra, made with
90% organic cotton, and has a no frills pocket for you to place your iPod
when exercising. You can also put a couple dollar bills in it..."

"If you purchase a mi-Bra and use it until you require a new one,
return it to us and we will offer you a 25% discount on your next
purchase. We will either donate the bras or send the material back
to the manufacturer so they can recycle the fabric."

Carolina Baker

May I also suggest you subscribe to her blog; she is an inspiring and talented writer!