Eco-Fashion: Exercise, Organics and iTunes... mi-Bra With iPod Pocket!

If you are a woman living an active, healthy and
eco-friendly lifestyle, then Carolina Baker, blog writer, author,
 inventor and eco-entrepreneur, may just have the thing to
make your eco-style life a little sweeter.  How about running, walking
or working out in an exercise bra made of 90% organic cotton?
Even better - with a built-in front pocket for your iPod?
Like the idea? 
Check out the mi-Bra.
and the price?  $20.00.

From her website, 'Girl Habits':
"The mi-Bra is an eco-friendly sports bra, made with
90% organic cotton, and has a no frills pocket for you to place your iPod
when exercising. You can also put a couple dollar bills in it..."

"If you purchase a mi-Bra and use it until you require a new one,
return it to us and we will offer you a 25% discount on your next
purchase. We will either donate the bras or send the material back
to the manufacturer so they can recycle the fabric."

Carolina Baker

May I also suggest you subscribe to her blog; she is an inspiring and talented writer!


  1. wouldn't yoga with one of these be great, Savira!? Sadly, tho', no shipping to India...

  2. Personally, I don't wear a bra.

  3. very glad to hear it, MikeB! (and thanks for giving me a good laugh!)

  4. My pleasure! To finish my thought above . . . and hopefully I never will!

  5. I never saw a purple cow
    I never hope to see one,
    But I can tell you anyhow
    I'd rather see than be one.
    -- Gelette Burgess

    I never wore a woman's bra
    I never hope to wear one,
    But I can tell you anyhow
    I'd rather stare than wear one.
    -- MikeB

  6. ahhh, now THAT'S poetry!! thanks, MikeB for adding some humor to the day! (Think your poem is better than Burgess' if it could only be as famous!)

  7. Thanks, Stephanie, for considering my little rhymes POETRY. I like writing them. I am glad that you seem to enjoy reading them. I wish I could be Shakespeare (now HE could write POETRY). Oh wait -- if I were Shakespeare, I would be dead. So I will just settle for being MikeB for now.

  8. I have restrained myself from making any more comments about bras. LOL.

  9. many people have madee a good living at light-hearted nonsensical poetry, and it makes people happy. So it's poetry to me!

    in regard to your bra comment! :D

  10. I had to look up :D in a list of Email symbols. I see it means Laughter. Thanks.

    I like the light-hearted poetry of Ogden Nash and Samuel Hoffenstein.

  11. me too. you may also enjoy the poignant silliness of the late Shel Silverstein, if you ever get a chance.
    Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic & Falling Up might be a good place to start.
    and The Giving Tree is always a pleasure.

  12. I have read a handful of Shel Siverstein poems. My niece, when she was much younger than she is now, had a couple of his books. And I have seen one of his books last year and read a couple of poems. Delightful and clever. Dare I right another poem about bras and the beauty of the female form (of which I am a fan)?

  13. MikeB: I say 'go for it'... far be it from me to hinder one's creativity!
    (Caveat: so long as you don't write about you *wearing* one! For that, you'd need to go to another type of blog!)

  14. Ha-ha. That's funny, Stephanie. I surely will NOT be needing to visit "another type of blog." A bra poem will be on the way one of these days, maybe sooner than later. Let's see what I can come up with.

  15. As Jackie Gleason often said, "And Away We Go!" Here it is:

    If you need a hearty laugh today,
    Maybe there's something I can say:
    A bra contains two treasures rare
    And keeps them firm and holds them where

    They cannot get right in my face,
    Which often is a steamy place,
    And thus protects the wearer well
    From what might be a kiss-and-tell.

  16. There's nothing like a female form
    That varies somewhat from the norm,
    Which is to say, I like each shape --
    Both slight or full -- that makes me gape.

  17. OK, those are my contributions for the evening. And now, back to serious work for me. A good night to you, Stephanie. By the way, I kept these little poems quite tame.

  18. MikeB: in your newly learned language :D
    -Thanks for making me laugh!!

  19. Ah, the bra.
    That rhymes, but sorry -- no bra poem tonight.
    Hope you are well, Stephanie.

  20. Hello MikeB-
    thanks for stopping by and asking after me. Sending you good wishes as well.
    Have been ok, but terribly busy, to the point of not being able to keep up with everything. Hoping to catch up soon, but it may actually take as long as a month. Don't forget to smile, breathe and enjoy your day!
    "I was the first woman to burn my took the fire department four days to put it out.” ~Dolly Parton

  21. As long as we are talking about Dolly Parton, I find her very endearing and super talented, and I like her voice and many of her songs.

    I used to watch the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson quite often, and I recall watching the night that Dolly Parton was on and the conversation got around to her breasts. Dolly said, "These are mine," and Carson then said, "But I would give about a year's pay to peek under there." It was hilarious, and Dolly's reaction was priceless.

  22. Stephanie, I hope you catch up soon; get some time to relax and enjoy yourself; and resume adding new, interesting, and thought-provoking posts.

  23. @MikeB...thank you. and I hope the same! Will try my best to make it soon!