Fav Quote Friday: Take A Hint From Nature...Pace Yourself

Adopt the pace of nature:

her secret is patience.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Hmmm .. two posts about patience recently Stephanie .. leaves me wondering .. I was going to respond to the previous one to mention that I really liked the gorgeous pic of the still mirrored lake, but I was trying to be patient and wait, I was patiently trying to wait, but now I've waited you've tried my patience - so just had to say how much I like the flowers .. {;o)

  2. @ KW Happy to know you too liked the mirrored lake!
    And when one is very busy, it is best to remind oneself of patience, stillness and going slowly, so as not to lose any of those qualities!
    Hoping that my trying your patience did not cause your patience to run out whilst you were not so patiently waiting for me to respond to your musings on waiting and patience!
    The flowers! the top one is a camelia, and the bottom shot is an heirloom David Austin 'William Shakespeare' rose!

  3. Stephanie you are a witty lady .. and I’m a patient man, but I’ve been told I can be trying too {;o) .. my patience did not run out while I was waiting for you to respond to my musings on patience although, in the meantime, I did consider the contrary opinions of others who have mused on the subject of patience ..

    A weighty early Christian Father, Tertullian wrote, ‘hope is patience with the lamp lit’
    Whilst Julius Caesar said, ‘It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience’
    And there is the old axiom, ‘patience is a virtue’

    Unfortunately, in our time it seems many people are less willing to have patience, to accept the wisdom and strength of character that can be gained through waiting in hope and anticipation while working toward our dreams (the reward is better when it does come – as Rousseau said, ‘patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet’) .. so often we hear of ‘get rich quick schemes’ or of course, ‘don’t put off till tomorrow’ and ‘he who hesitates is lost’ etc .. so, we receive these confusing messages that create more anxiety – everything it appears must be faster and more immediately gratifying .. me, I like to think I ‘go for it’ when the time is right, but although I have often had to wait longer than I would have wished for the things I wanted or thought I needed, I try very hard to understand the value of patience in times of difficulty .. after all, ‘fools rush in ..’

    Life is so complex and often we need to be able to think quick and make decisions on the spur of the moment but I believe that taking time out to contemplate and meditate on what is important during our ‘down time’ actually helps in the fast paced world when we are faced with tough choices – we gain inner strength and achieve a balance and knowledge of self that enables clear thinking ..

    As for the name of the rose, I'm impressed by your breadth of knowledge but, as Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet, ‘.. a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet ..’ KW

  4. Kevin...quite an overview from every perspective on the subject!Think you've got it covered - Thank you!
    ...now don't forget to take time to stop and smell the roses! ;-)

  5. Sometimes, patience makes life bearable.

  6. Yes MikeB - quite a good point I had not thought of. but true.