Fav Quote Friday: The Tao of Thomas Edison


is the first necessity
 of progress.”

~Thomas A. Edison

photo: J. Newcomb.com


  1. Another thought-provoking quote. Thanks!

  2. Ahh .. good old Thomas Edison - I once visited his laboratory on a school day out when I was a kid living in New Jersey (hence the Cape May holidays) .. fascinating stuff .. but, although the pic is lovely, had you asked I could've suggested a couple .. here's one I took that is similar: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_TlOt_Rip0bQ/TAP2eZQvZWI/AAAAAAAAByk/Jz3rV90irXU/s1600/Turkroad1a.jpg

    .. and here's the article, oddly enough also about eating meat eek! and another road pic, and other stuff (funny that first paragraph reminds me of what I was saying the other night) .. {;o)


  3. What's at the end of that arrow-straight road?
    Nothing or nowhere? Or maybe a lode?

  4. You're welcome, MikeB! Another, quite similar, is from Napoleon Hill: "Desire is the starting point of all achievement."

  5. MikeB:as to the question in your couplet - the answer is up to you...

  6. @KW - hmmm, I'm sorry, but there looks to be no 'discontent'or bleakness in that lovely road; it is quite enticing and beautiful. (and most likely you were sleeping whilst I was writing, anyway...) ;-)
    And your post - as ever, was full of wonderful details that make one feel immersed in a place, all enhanced by stunning photos! thank you for sharing that post Kevin!

  7. Stephanie, you are correct. The anwser is up to me. A simple but astute thought on your part. Thanks.

  8. Haha .. Stephanie, you are only partially correct – first of all I hardly slept for days after your chocolate post! {;op .. you are right about the view along the road, it is ‘beautiful’ and ‘quite enticing’ as it leads to an island that is preserved as a wildlife sanctuary (no cars tho’ – reserved for ranger vehicles, so had to walk) – in May and June wild flamingos make it their home for mating season and it is a fabulous time to visit – very few people either know of its existence or bother to visit as both times I have been there I was practically the only person for many miles, giving me a chance to observe the flamingos (and pelicans and other exotic waterfowl) undisturbed ..

    Thank you for the comments on the Blog – I’ve temporarily removed almost all last year’s articles, but will let you and your readers know when I repost some of the better ones .. talk soon .. {;o)

  9. MikeB-I know you will make the right choice.

  10. @ KW- didn't kow I wrote such a powerful choco-post. All I was looking to do was to list some chocolates I like! ;-)
    You are very lucky to be able to travel to such wondrous places. And it's great you create the posts and photos that allow others to join you on your travels.

  11. Hmmm .. yeah yeah okay .. but lucky !? Unfortunately Stephanie, I’m probably one of the unluckiest men I know .. tragedy and ill fortune have often left me sad and lonely, and when I had little else I relied on faith and strength of character, and occasionally the graciousness of friends or family, because at the end of the day for me, love is stronger than career or money or things people own .. let me remind you if I may of what you wrote to me last summer ..

    “… tho’ we all have had heartache, there are some of us that have more than our fair share of it. And if my life looks wonderful to you…know that it is only because I choose to look at it that way, and make it so. So I am happy to inspire others, as others have inspired & encouraged me…” Stephanie Gale 06/08/10

    You have inspired and encouraged me at times too, and too I believe it is about how we look at it .. but, life isn’t always as it seems, nor as certain as some think; suffering and joy live side by side .. all the best .. namaste my friend .. {;o)

  12. @KW- I'm sorry if you are feeling that way- it is a difficult thing to fight it. But don't be like Billy Holiday, inviting Heartache to "sit down." If you say it is so, than it is, and it will be. If you want it to be different, say that, and that will be so. If you have been following my blog, you know I have been saying this message in many different ways. Hints of Buddhism that echo what you say; that life is all of everything, side by side. But it does not have to devastate us. And even if we find ourselves there, we can always make the CHOICE to change it. Empower yourself, and know that your past DOES NOT define your future. You do. No matter what happens or has happened. Choose to live in bliss, choose to seek every small happiness and embrace it. Choose to be grateful for every thing you have. Do not wallow in the pain of the past, for it is depleting, but learn your lessons from it and move forward. Celebrate every step towards your happiness.
    See my Bukowski post; it has a poem that changed my thinking for years after I read it.
    maybe you will like it too. I wish you peace. ~namaste Kevin!

  13. Hiya .. I think you misread the intent behind my post Stephanie - my fault for being somewhat ambiguous .. no worries .. Bukowski and Billie Holiday tho' both work for me and thank you for your thoughtful reply (yes, hints of Buddhism were meant - all things being equal, pain and pleasure etc).. Cheers {;o)

    It is imporant to recognise and deal with our painful memories too though Stephanie - it would not really be 'human' world if we were just shiny happy people all the time .. have you seen this scary little potential future of spotless minds ..

  14. @ KW-Not quite sure if I misread your intent, ...or you expected a different response from me. I try again;
    It started when you said you were "one of the unluckiest men I know -tragedy and ill fortune have often left me sad and lonely,..." I was speaking directly to that.
    The idea I put out: What if, instead of feeling 'unlucky' for some 'bad' thing, that you felt very lucky and immensely blessed for it? What if you saw every 'difficulty' or 'challenge' as something that was given to you as a gift? A gift that gave you a life lesson, that expanded your heart, showed you the fidelity and strength of your friends and family, let you know you were loved, and ousted the false, negative, hurtful and untrue people from your life? If you could, then even if you felt sad or lonely while you were going through it, those feelings would be mitigated by this knowledge.
    I am also talking about the concept of manifestation, which was why I had said " if you say it, it is so" The suggestion being: could you start to say that you are one of the LUCKIEST men you know? That you see beauty in everything? Could you realise that your experiences have actually made you a much more compassionate and complex individual? Just a thought for consideration.
    Nor am I saying that we should not allow all our emotions to arise and be expressed, but quite the opposite. But I AM suggesting to experience them without assigning any negative labels to it. Perhaps instead to ask 'What am I supposed to be learning from this?'
    A quote: "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment." ~Eckhart Tolle.
    It's a wild thought, isn't it? because if you can think from this POV, then nothing "bad" ever happens... nor is it all necessarily all 'good'. But, in the Buddhist way thinking, It just IS.
    Another quote and thoughts on this, and excellent comments as well, in a previous post: http://ecostylelifebeaumonde.blogspot.com/2010/08/make-your-mid-life-crisis.html

    Thanks for your response!
    btw- no, had not seen that drug article - but I'll tell you: it truly horrifies me.

  15. Stephanie,
    My choice. I have been trying lately to make the end of the road a "lode" -- a mother lode of love and acceptance, joy and wonder, serenity and peace, and the freedom to be sad if I need to be and happy when the time comes.

  16. .. Luck is an interesting concept Stephanie, but I don’t buy into it with a sure heart .. I wouldn’t put money on it – but, then again I’m not a gambler .. As a natural risk-taker I’ll seize a chance, but I won’t place a bet. But perhaps being unlucky enough to be faced with the dilemma of sympathy means I recognise the greater responsibility placed on those who have, and that we should seek to serve .. I’ve read a good bit about it but I’m not really into astrology beyond the daily joke and a bit of star-gazing ..

    I’m immensely blessed and give do thanks, and have no problem expressing my compassionate or complex nature; the existential aspects are good, I’ve always believed experience is the best teacher and living for the moment is essential in the recognition that now is all. The Buddhist has a questioning character and it serves well to gives rise to reflection. Time spent in meditation is healthy for the soul.

    I’ve had many a wild thought Stephanie but never been able to convince myself, no matter with what precision that kaleidoscope spins in my eyes, that nothing ‘bad’ ever happens, I’ve witnessed too much.

    .. and on the midlife crisis post – I thank you for the trouble to point me to it (I remember this post) but .. I’m not actually in the midst of a mid-life crisis Stephanie, in fact I’m insulted .. I’m having a mid-life opportunity ! .. feel free to join me when you’re ready haha .. {;o)

    PS: Rumi has some great little wisdom sayings, but do you know his personal history? No man is perfect and a man knows he’s a man when he can finally think for himself – for better or worse, I try to think for myself.. Hugs KW

  17. Hi Kevin! I am happy to read this post- as from your 'unluckiest man' comment in response to my thinking you were luck to travel, had thought you were, hmmm - shal we say 'having a moment', so to speak. But seems, after all is said, that all is well with you and you are as I've been led to believe so far. Good.
    So if you don't need those words, then consider yourself 'lucky'!
    This is a wonderful post from you, and in reading it felt "lucky" to have someone with whom I am able to have such a conversation.
    Reality is - I don't think of 'bad' things happening as lucky or unlucky, though suppose many do.
    For the record: in putting you to my MLC post, was in no way implying you were having one!;-) Merely pointing out the Rumi quote, and some of the comments on that post, to add to what I was saying. And btw-I do believe I'll have a 'Mid-Life Awakening', and everyone is welcome to join the party!
    Now, back to my original point, which the concept of a shift in consciousness, a change in our POV that makes it a choice to have our reactions to things very diffferent than in our past. I think it's possible. I also think it's a good thing.
    And although you are taking my comment a bit out of context, I'm sure you know it... Because, yes, of course, there are evil people, there are unimaginable horrors occurring every day.
    But to further my point, have been hearing of people, ones who have been through such horrors, and their reactions are not what we expect. I find this amazing.
    To understand better on what I mean- try searching for “I Shall Not Hate”, by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. I heard him speak, and was very impressed. If you can, read his book. I was floored by his compassionate reaction to violence. His story is heartbreaking, but his reaction is what is making the headlines; just amazing.

  18. MikeB: I LOVE YOUR CHOICE!!! Bravo! Kudos! and it is wonderful to hear you say this!
    " a mother lode of love and acceptance, joy and wonder, serenity and peace, and the freedom to be sad if I need to be and happy when the time comes."
    ...a wonderful affirmation and intention and a beautiful decision! Thanks you Mike! you made me quite happy with that comment!