Fav Quote Friday: Apathy Or Action?

"All that is necessary
for evil to triumph
 is for good men to do nothing."
~Edmund Burke (disputed)


It's not easy fighting the bad guys.

But it will be a lot more difficult for us to live

with the consequences

of apathy.

A reminder that every small action towards positive change
helps create a better world.
thank you.


  1. This is true. You always come up with such insightful stuff.

  2. thank you MikeB! I am a 'collector' of quotes for that very reason: I find them so insightful, and find they help me to make sense of things.

  3. Sometimes, it is very hard to make SENSE OF THINGS. For example, I called PG&E today, calling the phone number I was directed to call by the letter I had received from PG&E. I needed PG&E to address my concern about my gas and electric bill (I won't go into detail). The lady who answered the phone told me that another department of PG&E handled the issue that I had called about. She gave me a phone number to call. I told her that I thought I had just called that very number an gotten her. She said I would have to call this "other" number. I did call it, and guess what, I reached the same lady again. I can't tell you how many times I have had such wierd experiences dealing with businesses. It's minor stuff in the bigger picture, but sometimes I wonder if I am living in a parallel universe of non-sensical, illogical goings-on.

  4. @MikeB- yet again, I find a quote helps:
    “Curiouser and curiouser!” ~Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

  5. Yes, things do get "curiouser and curiouser" the "older and older" I get. Maybe it's just me, but I did have the wax cleaned out of my ears not too long ago, so I think I do hear well - and listen well.