Lifestyle: Remembering What's Important via 'Chasing Wildflowers' Blog

Hello dear readers, Today's post is one which made me smile.
I've been graciously granted permission to share.
ake a moment to enter into Kerrie's beautiful world.

"the most important person is the one you're with. i have repeated these words to myself over the course of the last week, reminding my inner world to slowly bathe in time, to revel the absolute perfection of living, to look no further than the moment i'm given.
i have been around my nephew, friends, students, family, my stunning boyfriend - and i have slowed the pace of the moment by not looking past it. it's been hard not to borrow worry, much like it is to lower a heart rate, transform the mind into a meditative state, or even close your eyes and breathe with your whole body.
by slowing down, i have inhaled so much more. i have been left breathless seeing valleys upon valleys dressed up in vineyards. i have been breathless upon seeing california pink wildflowers happily swaying in the slight wind on the roadside..."
see her beautiful photos and read the rest by clicking here


  1. Nice follow up Stephanie .. Love the one you're with, and the one you're with all the time is yourself .. and your previous post about being good for yourself, loving yourself before you can truly be able to love or help another, it works .. nice .. and correct - especially (not always true), if you have as stunning whomever .. {;o)

  2. A lovely guest post. Very sweet thoughts. Great photos. A soft, quiet reflection on life.

  3. @KW: thanks so much! and thanks for 'getting' the connection... And isn't everything a bit better if you have a 'stunning whomever'? :-)

  4. @ MikeB: yes, you've put it very well! I love Kerrie's blog, she creates and focuses on beauty, appreciation and quietude. ahhh.

  5. @Harry Hilders: thank you for letting us (myself & Kerrie) know you enjoyed it!

  6. Very beautiful!
    It is so true...The most important person(s) is the one you are with. You need to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature too. I like to hike at Bolsa Chica (in Huntington Beach)and spend a few hours to reconnect myself to the nature.