Lifestyle: Enjoy The Ride (While You're On It)

'Every step of the journey...
Is the journey.'   
~Zen Saying       

Delight in every step of your journey, whether it be arduous or peaceful.
Too often we fill our thoughts with future moments, or past events,
missing out on what's in front of us,
not engaging in the current moment, for all it's importance. be here, now.
Notice, appreciate,


  1. Stephanie,

    You have a way of saying a lot in a few words. You see no need to write a long essay because your short, to-the-point posts make the point very well.

    Those are beautiful scenes. Do you know where the bamboo grove is? I think it is a bamboo grove. In Hawaii? In The Philippines?

  2. Hi MikeB- Thank you very much! Glad to know the pictures speak to you too.
    And I loved this saying, as we are so often concerned with the destination, we forget to enjoy our journey. Think keeping this thought in mind more brings happiness into each day!

    -that gorgeously serene bamboo forest is in Kyoto, I wish I could be there, walking along that pathway!

  3. I would like to be there, too. For today, I was working around the house: painting, fixing a siding panel in the front of my house, and answering a contractor's questions (he was doing the MAJOR work in the back of my house - LOTS of dry rot behind the outer walls). Oh, how much nicer a bamboo garden would be.

  4. @MikeB- Hope all your 'housework' goes smoothly. It is hard work, but it is your house, so all your effort is well worth it. Here is a great opportunity to put into practice the concept of 'enjoy the ride...'!

  5. Our 2-day project turned into 5 days (fixing the dry rot damagae at the back of the house). The contractor warned us that based on what he saw on the outside of a relatively small area of our house siding, that there would likely be a lot of damage behind the siding. He was right. And so the job grew bigger (but necessary). Only a little bit of caulking remains to be done. But then I discovered some other dry rot in other locations on the house, so the contractor will be back for a little bit of additional work. This is a ride that I definiitely have NOT enjoyed, although I must say that my wife and I are very pleased with the thorough work the contractor did to fix the problem.

  6. MikeB- well- it may have been stressful for you - so I am sorry for that. But I love how you are already looking at the good; the house did not get ruined, it was repaired, and well done besides. It's a wonderful thing to have one's home in good condition - I'm glad to hear of it. Thanks for sharing the update!