Simple Pleasures: Relaxing...Do You Remember How?

"If you have spent
a perfectly useless afternoon
in a perfectly useless way...
you have learned how to live."
        ~Lin Yutang


  1. I'll second that! A valuable philosophy. We don't have to ALWAYS be working, on-the-go, engaged, thinking, planning, accomplishing, etc. Quiet time doing nothing is a worthwhile endeavor, too.

  2. Well, yesterday I did a lot - no useless afternoon for me. I discussed work I need done with a contractor who came to the house, I cleaned up the garage a bit, I got a cable TV line installed, I went through my file cabinet and threw out lots of unneeded papers, and I took care of the mail. Saturday and Sunday will be even busier (dry rot repair, power washing, and painting). But today, Saturday started off nicely: I noticed your new blog picture (I don't know when it went up, but I only noticed it a few minutes ago). You have a beautiful smile on a pretty face: lovely.

  3. to MikeB: have spent an entire long weekend relaxing and enjoying the company of a long-time best friend. There are few things quite as restorative. So, yes, quiet time is indeed a worthwhile endeavor. But so is taking the time to do what needs to be done.
    ...and the pic is new (thought it was time for a change!) so I am happy you noticed, and I very much appreciate the kind compliments!!

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    Glad you got to relax with your friend. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

  5. I have been so busy doing my part during the dry rot repair project (taking a drive to buy an item for the project that the contractor needed so he could continue working; coordinating with our neighbor since one of our bad pieces of siding is inside her backyard; doing some spackling, sanding, priming and painting), that I look forward to spending a perfectly useless afternoon one of these days. OK, back to work for me now.

  6. yes...the rewards for hard work well done! So when you do finally get to spend an afternoon in such a fashion - I hope you will let me know- you will have deserved it!