Art | Simple Pleasures: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream...

"Dreams are symbolic
in order that they cannot be understood;
in order that the wish,
which is the source of the dream,
may remain unknown." 
~Carl Jung
Image & Quote Caption is the work of © paperdoll via her FlikrStream

Dreams are an alternate reality, which we all experience,
yet consistently deny the existence of...
I find dreams quite telling,
a place where I get to learn my own secrets
and subconscious thoughts,
which is often very helpful
in making decisions in my waking life.

What is your feeling about dreams?  Where have they taken you?


  1. My dreams have taken me to places i never thought i would go to. My dreams have shown me strengths that i never knew i had...
    My dream almost became a reality... not giving up on it yet!

  2. @Savira Gupta: Savira, what a WONDERFUL and beautiful response! Love it! thank you!
    and on that 'almost' one... Hang in! for it is just when we feel we might as well give up- that, in fact, our success is just around the corner, unseen. Your long-awaited dream will become a reality. I know it will, and can't wait to see it happen for you!

  3. My dreams are typically very complex. I usually do not understand what they are trying to tell me.

  4. Hi MikeB! -thanks for sharing that. Think that is most common...and that you are then giving credence to Dr. Jung's perspective!
    I find that the more symbolic dreams are, the harder they are to decipher, but I like to work at it until I figure them out, because I've found those dreams are often the most intriguing, offering the most useful insights.