Fav Quote Friday: It's All About The Attitude

It is attitude,

not circumstance,

that makes success possible

in even the most unlikely conditions.

Photo by Craig Brown


  1. That is true. A person needs a positive attitude to move forward and break through the obstacles holding her back. Oh, if it were only so easy to think and act in such a positive way. One would think it should be easy. But for some of us, it does not always work that way; sometimes we fall into a rut and can't get out.

  2. Oh but MikeB- I never said anything about it being easy! But as the late Beverly Sills once said: "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." and that is just it...the rewards are worth the work, and the work is something else that you can endeavor to have a positive attitude about. Note the image I chose for this post; a flower doing the impossible- growing out of the cement! Change your attitude and change your whoel life! Enjoy!

  3. I did not pick up on the cement situation. Thanks for the response. I am still trying to get out of my rut -- and I will keep working at it until I do!