Fav Quote Friday: Integrity And Responsibility;Pathways To Living Well

  is the  willingness  
accept responsibility
 for one's 
 own life."
~Joan Dideon  

 The moment you
take Responsibility
in your life,  
Is the moment you can change
in your life.
~ Hal Elrod

This post was in response to things I have been seeing lately
that I found to be evidence of a current trend of extemes and
an attitide of entitlement instead of personal repsonsibilty.
From the man that wants to sue White Castle Burgers
for not making benches big enough,
instead of accepting responsibility for his own health and obesity.
{expecting others to do things for you that are actually your personal responsibility}
(story here)
To the draconian attitude and despicable display of schadenfreude at
the Tea Party debate, when asked whether a man should be allowed to die
if he could no longer afford life insurance.
{being greedy, selfish and self-righteous to the point of losing compassion for others}
(story here)

Do you agree or disagree with me that this is a disturbing trend?
What things can we do to to accept more  personal responsibilty in our lives?

Would love to have you share your thoughts on this...


  1. Oooh I love your blog. :) A really honest insight to things.

  2. Hello Andrea, Thanks so much! -and I love your blog too, so it's a mutual fan club! Very happy to have you here, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow, the Elrod quote sure hits the nail on the head. Speaking of which, I once hit my thumb with a hammer when I was aiming for a nail and missed. Maybe I should sue the company that made the hammer for its failure to have a softer head on the hammer, perhaps one made of foam instead of metal.

  4. MikeB - thanks for a great tongue-in-cheek reply! Think YOU have hit the nail on the head!
    Now about that hammer...