Eco-Fashion: Ancient Gardens Inspire Latest Collection

Some of you may remember a previous post, in which I
looked to the past for for my inspiration to create in the present.

a rough-hewn texture

I find it amazing how the sight of some simple thing can trigger an idea.

a soft color. an aged patina.

In mine, it was how the remembrance of a trip to ancient gardens
in Italy, and how it became the source of ideas for
patterns, textures and designs for one of my latest collections.

an evocative atmosphere

repeating motifs, texture, romance, colors softened with age,

repetition of pattern

all these come together, recreated in a modern interpretation.

hints of things to come...

a bit more

I have enjoyed finding myself connecting with a distant past,
and can't wait to show you the end result!
for now...ciao!


  1. MikeB: thank you much for your sweet compliment!

  2. Savira Gupta: love to know that you love them - thank you!!

  3. Stephanie,
    May I say SWEETS (compliments) for the SWEET (that's you).

  4. I guess I am just a romantic at heart. I should have have been born three or four hundred years ago. Hey, maybe I was! Wouldn't it be neat if I was William Shakespeare or Andrew Marvell in a prior life (if that is possible). But how am I going to prove it. Certainly not by my meager poetry and my admiring lines. But I hope my amateur efforts have given you some moments of happiness. I certainly have enjoyed myself writing poems for you and YogaSavy. And it helps my creative energies (such as they are) stay in shape.

  5. MikeB- it is often enough, I think, that if you have those who appreciate your work, this is validation of it's merit, even if you might never be famous. I appreciate all creative energies! and I thank you for sharing your art with me, Savira and with all who read our blogs.