Love Patagonia Gear? Say Hello To Common Threads Initiative

"The  Greenest Product Is the One That's Already Made"

If you are a fan of recycling and of Patagonia apparel,you should know about the latest recycling initiative
of Patagonia. Yvon Chouinard has always had
recycling programs set up in his stores,
so it seems a logical evolution of that practice to
team up with the largest "recycling" retailer,
and their 'green' division, eBayGreen.

Sign Up to Join the Initiative
and Take the Pledge to  
Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle
what the world could be like if we all live sustainably.



  1. I have heard of Patagonia and find their clothing comfy...

  2. Yes Savira - it is well made and very comfy. (esp. good for mountain climbs!) The idea of the initiative is to raise awareness of and encourage participation in a new recycling program - where used Patagonia clothing can be had for greatly reduced pricing.