Fav Quote Friday: Lifestyle- William Morris On Practical Beauty

"Have nothing in your house

that you do not know to be useful,

or believe to be beautiful."

I allowed this philosophy
to be my guide within
my home about 8 years ago.
I belive it has the same effect
as that of feng shui;
 my environment feels more serene, 
and I feel happier within it, 
when adhering to this rule.
I also design within this paradigm.

 William Morris design

What do you have in your house
that is useful or beautiful to you?
What do you have in your house
that you perhaps should consider to remove?


  1. I would have to toss a lot of stuff if I followed Morris' philosophy.

    I am amazed at how many things I have accumulated (mostly books, and due to my wife trying to dress me well, clothes) over many years.

    In 1970, when I moved from Arizona to California, I shipped my stereo system (the old kind with the big speakers) to my parents' house in New York, and everything else I owned fit in my car (clothes, kitchen stuff, some books, some floor pillows, etc.)

  2. Something beautiful in my house. My wife.

  3. Something in my house that I should consider removing. Some shirts I rarely wear. I have my favorite shirts that I wear over and over, so I could easily get rid of some of the shirts I do not wear often.

  4. Hi MikeB! I like how this quote has (apparently) got you thinking! Think many people accumulate things, as that is in part what the quote is speaking to. One suggestion I have for trying to clear out things, especially clothes- is to assess items by asking: 'have i used this at all within the past 2 years?" In most cases, if you answer No, then you don't really need it, and I suggest you donate it to a charity or Goodwill, so that someone else may make use of it.
    And I'm very happy to know that you think your wife both beautiful and useful... guess she's a keeper!

  5. Yes indeed, my wife's a keeper.

    I read somewhere the idea that if you do not use an item of clothing within the past ONE year, either start using it or donate it. Actually, I periodically go through my closet (usually two times a year) and get rid of some things. A few months ago, I donated four shirts in very good condition to the local Goodwill. I hope to do more of the same in the future. Next spring will likely be my next culling out of little unused clothes.