Fav Quote Friday: Passion, Fashion, Heart and Artful Creativity

"The ability to relate and to connect,
sometimes in odd and yet striking fashion,
 lies at the very heart of any creative use of the mind..." 
~George J. Seidel 

 While I can't really show you my production process,
I can share with you my design process; 
the way I work is to look for things that spark my passion,
incite creativity and can be inspiring merely by the interaction with them.
That inspires me in that moment.
Here are some examples from the
New 2012 Design Collections -
"Ancient Gardens" and "Graphic Nature".
I leave it to you to figure our which comes from which...  ;-)


“I base my fashion sense on what doesn't itch.”

~Gilda Radner 

 Special events, fun contests and more looks at the new collection to come soon.


  1. Those are very beautiful fabrics you designed, Stephanie. So creative. I enjoyed looking at the photos of them.

  2. It is a true joy to kow that one's art is enjoyed by others, and brings them pleasure! It means so much to hear that - thanks, MikeB!