Fav Quote Friday: Body-Spirit: Releasing Worry From Your Life

"If your eyes
are blinded with your worries,
you cannot see
the beauty of the sunset."

You can become habituated to
worry and anxiety,
to the point of missing out on joyful moments
that may available to you.
Most worries are unrealized projections into the future
and are actually harmful to the mind and body.
Try to make the change to projecting
positive outcomes into your future.
Work to release the grip of fear and worry and
bring in more soothing, joyful moments into your life.


  1. Right on! is right. 2011 has been a watershed year for me, since I have eliminated most of my anxiety. The Krishnamurti quote, and your thoughts, Stephanie, lay out the path we ought to follow to learn how to enjoy life without excessive and unnecessary worry.

  2. @sparklemezen & MikeB - your enthusiastic responses tell me that you have experienced the freedom & lightness that comes from being able to break out of the grip of anxiety, fears & worry. Congrats! You should be proud, as well- for it takes a true conscious effort to make it happen. And each of us who does gets to reap the rewards: a happier life with less strife! Keep it up and ENJOY!

  3. Sorry I have been away. My computer was down for about one week (got it fixed yesterday afternoon). I am learning to "let go" of my bad habits: worrying, taking on too many projects at once, and trying to help other people "too much" are among them. It makes my life much more calm, but I still find the time to be a decent, caring person in many ways.

  4. Mike B: Welcome back! Wonderful to hear that your efforts are paying off nicely!
    I too, often used to help others to the point of my own detriment. But when we learn balance, it is very true; one can be more calm, yet still be kind, decent and caring to others...by not forgetting to be kind to ourselves first. Thanks much for your comment!