Lifestyle: Looking To Relax? Improve Your Mood? Be More Productive? Crank Up The Tunes!

New study by Neuropsychiatrist Galina Mindlin supports 
what most musicians and music lovers already know-
listening to particular songs on your mp3 player
can make you a more productive,
more calm, more affectionate person.
Galina Mindlin, director of the Brain Music Treatment Center,
and co-authors Don DuRousseau and Joseph Cardillo advise
that repeated listening to carefully selected songs on
an iPod or other device can help train your mind

Who should be doing this?

I think playlists will benefit everybody,
especially people who want to relieve their anxiety,
sharpen memory, increase concentration, improve their mood
or even relieve pain. Also, shift workers can use the playlist after
a sleepless night to increase their alertness when they have to
drive home, or to calm themselves down. We can actually enhance
relationships to switch people from confrontational mode
to understanding. For example, after a disagreement with
his wife, one gentleman played their wedding song.
It instantly brought him into a more sympathetic mood.

How do you tap into that without formal therapy
and figure out what works for you in different scenarios?

It’s very important to choose something you already
like and feel excited about. And then you have to play
and replay the piece and learn that the piece makes you feel
either calmer or more energized. Once you do that and tune into it,
you see the effect on your mood and thinking in a matter of days or weeks.

Read the entire article from Smithsonian Magazine
"The various health benefits of listening to music are as follows:

Reduces stress
Acts as a pain killer
Cardiovascular benefit
Stimulates brain cells
Boosts exercise performance
Boosts immunity
Promotes sound sleep
Helps in spiritual health
Helps in meditation"

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The amazing power of music

Do you use music to help you to relax or to concentrate?
Tell me your favorites!