Eco Fashion: Seeing Blue Skies When It Rains


  1. Blue skies Smiling on me
    Nothing but blue skies Do I see
    Blue birds Singing a song
    Nothing but blue skies From now on.

  2. oh MikeB! you are such a delight! certainly had forgotten about that sweet Irving Berlin tune! thank you!

  3. Am I really a DELIGHT? How nice of you to say that. You are too sweet.

    I read a little bit about Irving Berlin tonight. It is written that he was at first unsure about doing the play Annie Get Your Gun. But after he read the libretto, he decided to do it, and he wrote three of the show's songs in six days. I think they were "There's No Business Like Show Business," "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better," and one other. What a triumph! How wonderful it is that we have such musical geniuses pass by to enrich our lives.