Fav Quote Friday | Lifestyle: A Recipe For Success

"To accomplish great things,

we must not only act,

but also dream;

not only plan,

but also believe."

~Anatole France
"One of my best moves
was to surround myself with friends who,
instead of asking 'Why?',
were quick to say
...'Why Not?!'."

~Oprah Winfrey


  1. Great quotes and words to live by!
    Thank you for the reminder!!


  2. Thanks Joy! I'm glad to hear it resonates!
    We must have all our intentions, dreams, plans and actions in alignment.
    Staying positive in all brings best results. Than being said, it may not be easy, but never said it would be: that's why we call them 'Accomplishments'!
    Keep going!

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  3. Thanks Savira, glad you like it too! It inpired me this week!! ~peace~

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  4. What's at the top of the stairs?
    I'll never find out if I don't climb them.

    After living in the San Francisco area for almost 40 years, I finally climbed a wonderful ooutdoor staircase that I had driven by a couple of times. My wife and grandson were with me -- I think it was late last year or early this year. After we got to the top, there was another staircase. We climbed hundreds of stairs in the city of San Francisco. And when we made it to the top of the hill at the very top, my grandson looked around, looked out into the distance and said, "This is the best view ever!"

  5. What a sweet memory. Quite a feat to climb that many stairs and that high! thanks for sharing MikeB!