Lifestyle | Body and Spirit: Celebrating Our Mission Of Peaceful, Positive Change!

This coming April, we will begin celebrating both 
the 2nd Anniversary of Beau Monde Organics 
and of course, Earth Day! 

(We also will participate in 
the Awareness-Raising Global Event 'Earth Hour'
which will happen this Saturday, March 31)  

We'll be celebrating all month long with goodies for you! 
Our Theme: 'How Will You Change The World?' 
is in line with Beau Monde Organics' Mission 
of peaceful, positive change in fashion and in the world, 
engendering positive environmental, 
ethical and social change, locally and globally.

First Up: LET US KNOW... 

What is your favorite charitable change organization? 
Do you support animal rights? 
Love helping on ethical/social issues? 
Fighting to save the environment? 
Let us know your Favorite Positive Change Organization 
and share your story of why it has meaning for you!

Stay tuned for more details, 
and for more ways for you to participate!