Art & Design: Love Your Trash Bin! Check Out These Tricked Out Trashers!

Thanks to Global Inheritance for inviting
more than 100 Artists to decorate
recycling bins for their for the
Coachella Music & Arts Festival 2012


The entire collection was exhibited
at the Lab Art Gallery in Los Angeles
to being rolled out at the festival.

After the festivals,
these redesigned recycling bins
will be donated to schools
in Southern California.

Here's a look at just 32 of the
100+ finished 2012 TRASHed: Coachella
recycling bins, at the same place
this blog post came from:
If It's Hip, It's Here!

Be sure to take a minute to
click through these links for
a visual treat and to connect
with some awsome cool
and positive-change entities!

Then let us know...
Which one is YOUR favorite?


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, FoodGirl!
    We love the Owl, too!
    (personally, I have a hard time choosing a favorite!)

  2. Fantastic! Very creative. Strangely enough, I pick Sponge Bob as my favorite.

  3. Happy to entertain, MikeB... and you (along with my nieces) have SpongeBob as their favorite!

  4. I have said to my wife for years that the people who like me the most are old ladies and little kids. So I guess I can identify with Sponge Bob.

  5. @MikeB: guess there's an exception to every rule; I'm not an old lady or a little kid, and I like you quite a bit!

  6. Thanks. I like you, too.

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